Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I apologize for complaining. I have NOTHING to complain about. My things are not a drop in the bucket compared to some families. I have a job and a home I can afford so I need to be grateful and not dwell on the tiny aggravations of life. Leaves for crying out loud it is just leaves and trash cans.
I need to add right here and right now something that I am extremely grateful for. Muffy and Aaron gave me my gym membership and it is the best thing anyone could have done for me. The very best. I still have to make myself go but when I am there I am comfortable and ready to work. I don't want to miss going but I have so many chores that need doing around here that I have to make time and just do it. The spring in my step is coming back. You are never to old to exercise and weight bearing exercise is so rewarding.

To all of you who have lost weight and exercise I have to make note here....I had forgotten what it feels like to have muscle instead of fat. I had gotten used to thinking I felt OK walking around with no muscle but I see now how tired carrying the fat makes you feel. It is not good. Your back hurts, your knees are weak and you have no breath. Everything aches, I feel like I had started to turn my thoughts inward on every ache and pain. Life is painful, you bump the end of the bed while your making it up, you trip on the edge of the rug and almost fall and bang yourself bringing the grocery bags in. I remember thinking ouch owww ohhhh alot of times but now it seems silly. When I load the leg press, the weights weigh 45 lbs and it's no big deal. No grocery bag weighs 45 lbs. I guess I mean life doesn't hurt and ache anymore . The soreness is a GOOD soreness now. I can feel myself coming back alive.

Thank you to my beloved family, I love them so much and their kindness daily overwhelms me.

I am not gonna be on the pages of muscle and fitness BUT my grass is gonna be cut in a timely fashion . BTW you can get fit in in your middle age......if you want to.

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