Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm back

I can't seem to keep the mometum up here, I read at other sites but sometimes I don't have anything to say. I think it is because I talk at work all day and I am talked/typed out.
The exercise is going very well, I can tell that I am making major changes in my fitness. I can run through R.O.C.K. in the USA with out my mouth open sucking air and barely finnishing it. TaDah. I have bested myself by seconds the last two treadmill sessions and I guess I will have to be satistfied with seconds and hope for minutes as time goes by.
The weight lifting part comes alot more easily to me. I have squatted 105 and pressed 95 so I think that is just a matter of doing the work. WORK that is all it is. Can you do the hard work, is the answer to getting fit. Sounds easy and it IS NOT.

Now....mental things......I find this the hardest part. I can get myself worked up over the least things. For instance, my neighbors who NEVER bring they're trash cans back from the road. If I have another of my customers ask me why don't I bring my cans back to my house I will scream. I have spoken to them but to no avail. The owner blows her leaves into my yard and burns limbs on the cormer of my property . This is gettin so old and disrespectful.

The house is for sale and by golly if one of my family doesn't buy the house then I will have to have an iron-clad agreement about the new owners using my driveway. The property is land locked and I have to give ingress and egress ( sp?). Now that is getting to me .
Next I am turning off my house phone and just using my cell pretty soon. I have put my cell number on my answering machine and repeated the number slowly three times and I still have customers leaving messages on the house phone. DUH!!! I am having to keep it on for a few more months while they finally get the message. I want to scream PAY ATTENTION!!!
I can't list all my grievances it would overtake this blog...might be more interesting though.
Exercise is an perfect escape. I sweat and channel all my frustration into working out.
I think that if people would just be aware of what is actually their property and what is their right and not let their mess/disfunction spill over into somone else's life then we would all get along better. I don't want to work and pay for someone else's laziness or bad choices.
I believe in helping a neighbor or friend but it would be nice to think that they appreciate your help. I know I know we should be willing to help with no hope for acknowlegement but this world is full of takers nowadays and the givers are getting worn thin.
I would never think to blow my leaves into my neigbors yard or even walk onto their property without just reason.
AHHHH let me get to the gymn and shut up

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