Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I keep saying that I am feeling better and better and getting good workouts in but today I feel I am making huge progress. I am getting my old work ethic back. I am a work horse when I get going. In fact today I got the best and most wonderful compliment. A man in the club who is probably in his thirties, a very nice black man, told me today, " Mam, I have been to this gym for two years now and I have never seen any woman in here work as hard as you." Awwwh I was so proud .
I bested myself today and broke the 13 minute mile. I made it in 12:54.....LOL Now I know that is not fast but when I started in November I walked a 17 minute mile. I only run for 2:54 minutes. The length of Rockin in the USA. I run at 5.4.
I am moving forward in small baby steps but I am still moving forward.

I am doing this for myself and to get that wonderful feeling of endorphines. ENDORPHINES *L*
I am also doing this with my family. We are rewriting our stories. We talk about food but not much, I mostly talk about myself and when others are talking it gives me time to think of what I am going to say next. Aaron would you concur sir?

I love going to the gym.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Today was an awesome workout

Today I got to the gym after 12. I had an awesome run/walk and I felt pretty good about the increase in speed I was able to walk. I am trying to best myself everytime . When I get a mile in the 12 minute range I will be so proud. I'm trying.

Today I felt good and rested. My food has been really healthy and I feel my strength improving. I am not weighing, I don't really care. I weighed at first and the scale didn't move and I felt bad but the last week I made the decision to just go for the endurance and strength not the weight.
I am so surprized at the gains I am making. I realize now that I had over trained for years. Really over trained. This is gonna be do-able.

I have to tell this story and offer myself up as comic relief. My Saturday dinner friends and I went to a Noodle house for dinner. I was looking forward to the raw spring rolls ( Aaron is so tired of hearing the words spring rolls, it's all I talk about ) and the phou soup. They brought out the most gorgeous bowl of soup. It was clear broth and hand made rice noodles with butter lettuce. bean sprouts etc. just wonderful until......in my ignorance I put a WHOLE teaspoon full of Thai pepper condiment into my beautiful soup. I at that point turned my soup into a cauldron of hot lava from the deeps of Hell. So as not to have to send it back because of my mistake I tried my best to eat it. It was almost scarey. I wondered if I was ruining my throat not to mention the the other end of the food trail the next day.

My friends suggested ice cream for dessert to calm the fire and I agreed but I felt so stupid and depressed at my choices that night. We walked down the side walk to the ice cream parlor( how convienent) and I didn't even look at the ice cream I just ordered my old favorite Nutty Coconut. They were out and offered me coconut and pineapple. OK whatever, I'd ruined my soup at dinner and now I'm putting the flames out with ice cream. I was eating it and feeling so bad, I noticed it tasted good but different. I finnished it and as we were leaving I grabbed a menu, found my glasses and discovered it was sugar-free low fat, 90 calories a scoop. I could not believe my good fortune. I can laugh about it now and see how a good evening can go wrong fast.

Everyone had read their fortune cookie but me that night and I kept mine in my pocket. This is why I felt so horrible thinking I was eating ice cream ....... My cookie said, "Your present plans are going to succeed if you stick to them"

When your old you are invisible

I have been login my miles each work out and maybe AAron will help me get them onto my blog one day. Not that he is busy working and has tons of time to assist me.

Saturday I had an interesting experience.... I had run/walked my 2 or so miles and then I warmed my knees up at the leg extension machine 4 sets/125 reps at 70 lbs.. I managed the dreaded step- ups and then it was time to do squats. I asked the guy if that was the machine at the moment, it had 3 45's on each side of the smith machine. He said no it was a guy in the other room. Other room being the interesting thought. I went into " the other room" and asked if he was finnished. Reply.....a slow Noooo and then silence. Hummm ok, I went back into the weight room. Wait a minute!
So back into the other room and well how many sets do have to go? A slow sarcastic...100 sets. Ok man, I used to work and personal train at the health club and although you see this middle aged over weight lady in front of your 18 year old self you have surely misjudged me. So he says how many sets are you doing? 4 Sets/15 . Dead quiet....then he says I'm resting. WHAT!!!!
I gave him the old I'm your MaMa look with my hand on my hip and he came and unracked the weight and I did my squats and after that he gave me a scowl everytime I passed him. I don't know who trained him and from the look of his form no one, but you don't rack a machine and leave it and go into another room and expect that no one will use it till YOU decide your through. If I had been a guy he wouldn't have done that. I could hear my trainer from years ago in my head saying don't let that jerk do that , you have a right to the machines whoever you are.
I was so agravated that my last set was 115 lbs for 8 reps. Ha Hahhhh

He may not look at me with a smile when he sees me from now on but he will know that I intend to work out after him, with him or through him and his opinion of me doesn't matter two hoots in hell to me.
Your invisible in the gym when your older, BUT you can't let that stop you. It is not about what people see you as but what you see your self as. Me? I'm on a mission .

Monday, January 19, 2009

Working working working

Today was a little milestone for me. I have been lazy in posting my progress and I apologize. Who wants to read a blog with no new entries, sorry.
I have said before that excerise to me is a very personal thing. It is time that I have had to carve out of my work schedule when and where I can. I am the sort that needs structure but I am trying to be more flexible in order to get it done.
I am going to the gym on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday morning. The rest of the week I am in the salon and doing my home chores.
This past Saturday I had a terrific leg day and I actually added the dreaded step-ups that Aaron talks about. Really they are horrible in a good way. They are horrible, forget the good way business.
. I started Saturday with a 2 mile walk/run on the treadmill.
Leg extensions 4 sets of 15 at 70 lbs.
Smith machine squats 4sets/15 reps the last two at 95 lbs.
leg press 4 sets/15 reps 225 for 3 sets and the last set 275
*L* step-ups 7 aerobic risers tall on each side and 3 sets 15 reps ....ughhhhhhh
Calf raises on the leg press 6 sets/15 reps 3 foot positions 135 lbs
hamstring curls 4 sets/15 reps 44lbs.....so tired couldn't do more weight
abs 4 sets/15 reps 4 postions

I had jello legs going home BUT no soreness the next day, that was huge!

Today was chest and back
2miles on the treadmill. My personal best today 13.09 mile
flat bench press 5 sets ascending weight last set was 12 reps with 85 lbs.
flat bench dumbbell flies 4 sets/15 reps with 12 lb. dumbells
incline bench press 1st set 50 lbs. 15 reps, 2nd set 55 lbs 12 reps and the last two with 55 and I only managed 6 reps on each set. ( I used all my strength on the flat bench press.)

Lat pulls 4 sets /15 reps ascending from 60 to 90 lbs.
seated row ascending from70 to 100lbs. 4 sets /15 reps
cable lat stretches with rope 50 lbs. 4 sets/15 reps
abs 5 sets/ 15 reps different postions

Soooo that is all so far this week. I have been working out on this same day schedule but I have been lax to post.. Lax= lazy. I will do better.
Seems to be a theme here ,me always pledging to do better. Who am I pledging this to????
The Universe I guess.

From January 12 till today the 19th I have logged walk/run on the treadmill 13.30 miles.

I think I am gonna be able to do this. I believe that fitness is possible at 56. It is not brain surgery. You have to do the hard work and the most important thing of all and with out this your doomed.....You have to want it with all your heart.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Good morning,
Yesterday I took my guilt ridden self to the grocery for "safe" food. I wandered around thinking of things that I could eat. I took Susies advice and bought some Boca soy meat things. I looked for fiber. I swear after all the fiber I have been consuming I could surely eat a sink scrubber and it would not upset my bowels.
I would say that it was a gradual process and maybe I should add here DO NOT eat 2 Fiber One bars at one sitting. DO NOT. ( iI you do then let it be said, I told you so. lol)

I was thinking this morning about my idea to get up early and go to the gym and I have this reoccuring thought that turns me off about it. I was thinking about that this morning. I used to teach an aerobics class at 5:30 a.m. for about a year and I hated to get up in the winter for that class.
I would have about 3 or 4 people straggle in sleepy eyed, freezing and I would crank up the music and we would step. I hated that class, NOT the people but the hour and the cold.

I think I will stay at a later time till spring or MAYBE try just one day early and see if it kills me. If that doesn't then the whining I have been doing lately will.

It is finally getting cold here and the cold bug is around. I noticed the gym has hand santizer at each treadmill and a spray for the equipment. Good idea. We used to use this spray that you use in funeral homes that disenfects. Jason would spray his way out of the door and leave it all weekend. Pretty powerful stuff. I don't remember the flu spreading through the gym . It worked well.

Today I will try once again to use my Nike+ correctly. I was on the treadmill for 2 miles last workout and I didn't press end workout and I continued on to the weights and it showed I walked a 27 minute mile..LOL . I be back with the workout info this evening.

I have to get REAL. Time is passing and I need have been squandering my workout. Wish me luck. LOL

Sunday, January 11, 2009

steps backward...ugh

I have a lot of food issues these past weekends. Take this weekend for example, grits, whole wheat pancakes and a sweet dough pie ( South louisiana version of a tart...kinda)
I consumed these over the weekend. Carbs.
I am having eating issues with getting enough protien I think. I am what they call a pescetarian. Not a vegetarian, they do not recognize this label as a vegetarian. I just eat seafood, no beef, pork or chicken.
I think if I got more protein I would not crave the sweets so much. What to do???? I feel horrible that I made the weak minded choices. I passed the old fashioned counter with the cakes and pies and I smelled the coffee. I ate. Now I feel guilty. I know about getting on the wagon again but HOW MANY times will I keep falling off. Where is my resolve?
I swear I thought, well it's a special time being with my Sister and I'm getting older and I should enjoy the times we have ... whine whine whine. I ate the pie outside with the cold rain blowing on us under a awning, miserable. I did not even enjoy the setting. Dammit I ate .
When I am at the gym I am all business. Sweating and working my tail off but the least bit of a suggestion to eat off my plan and I am gone.
Obvioulsy I am not commited as I should be..I can talk the game but I am falling far short of what I should be doing at this point. I need that big light bulb moment, the mirror is not doing it.
So I apologize for my weakness to not only to my family but to myself.
Maybe it is laziness? If not what is it? Why am I constantly falling a few steps short to total commitment?
Don't pat my hand and tell me It's OK. It is not. I need a kick in the rear.
I feel depressed and mad at myself.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now I see what's wrong!!!!!!!

As you have read I am trying to work out a routine to be more regular at the gym. It is difficult because of the way I work. I still trying but I have noticed that I am losing inches but the scale is stuck. I know the scale doesn't matter but it should be changing SOME.
Yesterday evening I was watching the " Biggest Loser" and if that doesn't motivate you then nothing will. The weight lose is dramatic! I wonder why mine is not moving? I decided to look at my yogurt container and the ganola I have been eating just to see......of my gosh! Duh no wonder!!!!! I have been having 2 containers of non fat sugar free yogurt with granola on it, one a day for a while. Ugggh 2 yogurts are 160 calories and the granola is 120 calories for 1/4 a cup.!! I have been just pouring the granola on the yogurt POURING it on. That is about 900 to 1000 calories a bowl. Well NO WONDER I am not moving the scale.
Now...I am not a total dumby but honestly I was thinking that yogurt and granola would be fine. NOPE.
Moral of this story is....read the label.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been neglecting my blog

I an thankful that all the holidays are gone and I am ready to tighten my schedule and get busy. I still have to drag myself somedays because I am a person who likes routine . I have lot in common with the gerbil in the wheel.
I NEED to know what days are gonna be workout days . So far I have monday and tuesday and then I work all week and then I have saturday. It is not a good plan. I would love to work out then do cardio in between, like the every other day thing.
Aaron, running at 4:30 is something that I wish I could program myself to do. Workout early.
Then you have the whole day ahead of you and maybe do some cardio at night.That is what I used to do years ago.
I swear getting up to do that is dedication. I'm not there yet.
Yesterday I had an awesome leg workout! Today I am a cripple. You know you have worked-out hard when you can't walk the next day. I had gotten out of of the crumby little routine I had and now I am paying the price. PAIN
Also I went for a stroll with my sister this weekend and stepped into a hole and fell down. OUCH! I have a little weakness/pain in my forearm. I used the Superman landing postion to fall. *L*
Today is heavy rain and I want to just hang around in the house and read but I WILL get up from here and get busy. I have shoulders and bi's and tri's today.
I can't wait to watch the biggest loser this season. The folks are really challenged and I hope to watch some lives changed forever.
Could I get some of you out there in blog land to call and wake me up to excerise in the morning???? I know, I know it is my job to motivate myself to do that.
Even if you know what to do to get yourself in shape it is your brain you have to train. UGGHHH