Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today I worked in the morning and I had planned to go to the gym after lunch. The time came and I dragged my feet. I had eaten some BaBa ghanoush and then a bowl of cottage cheese and pineapple. I know that is a weird combo but it was what I wanted .
I had every excuse not to go. Ummm I had eaten only a hour and half before, ummm I felt too tired, umm I could go tommorrow. I gave myself a pep talk and got my shoes on and I did it. It was same workout as the last leg day but I upped my walking time and the weight on my sets.
Now I feel tired but so good that it is over and I feel good about going.
Legs are never fun at first. I know when my quads are in shape I will feel light years better and stronger. Your back and Quads are your biggest muscles.
Again I barely made it out of there before the young folks piled in. Tons of twenty somethings with horrible form but lots of strength and energy. You know the ole look around the room to see if anyone is watching you sling the heavy dumbells around.
I got out with my workout done and left it to them. Bless their hearts. At least they are there and not doing something bad for them. Legs are over Yea!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday workout

Today was shoulders ,biceps and triceps. I got out of there in the nick of time. The young guys started showing up around 4. Droves of them. Note to self, never be in the gym past 4 .
A middle age woman will have a machine/bench taken away from her after 4.
The invisiblity of middle age women in the gym will be heightened after 4. BUT by golly I am not beyond asking them to let me work in. I learned that years ago. You have to hold your ground or you will give up and leave.
I had a good workout today but I notice that my left arm and shoulder is weaker. That is normal but scarey when it decides it is done.

25 minutes at 3.4 on treadmill

shoulder presses 4 sets 10 lbs.,12lbs., last 2 sets 15 lbs.
side laterals 4 sets 8lbs
behind the neck press 25 lbs.

alternate dumbbell curls 4 sets 10 lbs.
curl bar plus 5 lbs. 4 sets
preacher bench curl bar plus 5 lbs. 4 sets

triceps press downs 50 lbs. 4 sets
tricep machine 10lbs,20 lbs 4 sets
lying triceps crossovers 8 lbs. 4 sets

Abs 4 sets DONE

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I got my chest and back done today . Abs every time. I spent the major part of the rest of the day flea market shopping . Just looking.
The closing of the Cottage Living forum is a BIG deal . We all feel lost. I hope everyone can at least check in somewhere to let each other know where we will be. Feel free to add on here girlies and at least we can get a message out to everyone.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

*L* leg day

Leg day, the term for the day you work your legs .Leg day, legs, doing my legs day or day of pain.
Every excerise I do for the next year will be 15 reps so from this post forth if I say set I mean 15 reps. Okey dokey?
21 minutes on the treadmill at 3.3 ( I got off to the the tv changer so I added a minute)
4 sets 60lbs. leg extensions
4 sets smith squats no plates
4 sets leg press 135 lbs.
4 sets multi postion calf presses using leg press sled
4 sets hamstring curls 33 lbs. (the machine has a conversion chart on it???)
That's all and tomorrow I will not be able to walk. Oh and abs at home 4 sets of 15

Today was my birthday and I had a wonderful day and workout. My son finally called and wished me a happy birthday . NOW everything perfect, except for the stray cat that showed up . It killed a snake and ate it! I saw it with me own eyes, fur real. I live in a cat free zone administered by Miss Runt aka chickapee. She and Cheb may tag team it and it won't be nice. WHY would someone drop a sweet hungry cat off at a house that has a sign on the gate that says"beware of dogs" What a world, what a world.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Like losing a best friend

Today Rex Perry the administrator at Cottage Living magazine forum told us the magazine is closing and the forum will end. I have been a member there for almost 2 years and I have met some the sweetest nicest friends one could ever want there.
I feel like I am losing old friends. I have invited them to stop by here so we can keep in touch.
So hopefully if you read this blog you will get to meet some fabulous folks if they come by.

Hey girls we can rush Country Home if you want to. Lets go wake them up over there. If you stay here you have to excerise and diet with me LOL or not. Feel free to make fun of me. *L*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DMOS...I have it!!!!

Ok Now I am getting real sore. I just took 2 advil and got a real hot bath. Tommorrow is gonna be bad. It is always worse the next day...*L*.
Wednesday is a walking day and legs on Thursday.
I have been thinking about hummmm legs on thursday, walk friday maybe roll the workout with a day to walk in between. It will just continue but the days will vary. What do you think?

I'm gonna get me a good lock for my bike and maybe add that on the walk days.

My son ( Emil) was a bike mechanic and he is dying to get Aaron a good bike.
The saddest day for Emil...he was going to an adventure race with a guy he knew in his car. Emil thought he had secured his bike but the guys rack was not so hot and he saw a flash of red and he lost his custom Salsa Bandito . The next car ran over it. I have never felt so sorry for anyone in my life. He had poured thousands of dollars into building that bike. He LOVED it. He had ridden many races on it. He works at an outdooor/adventure store now and is trying to get to a place where he can build another. But all you bike riders know it takes a long time to get your bike just like you want it. Emil's bike was so so so light and strong.

Emil and my x got me a really nice trek touring bike about 5 years ago. I have hardly ridden it. It is like brand new. Emil threatens me if I put it outside. I obey the " Bike Master" or as my family calls him " Johnny Danger'.
I need to put miles on that bike. How do you get over the fear of the drivers on the road?

I better sign off and get some rest, I have much hair to style tommorrw. Did you know the human head weighs about 30 pounds? Do you think that is true?

Day 1 and Day 2 the excitment begins!!!

Yesterday I signed up at the gym. It was the first day of the get real experiment for me.
I have thought alot about what it would take for me to do this again. Focus will the first hurdle. I have to not over talk this. Actions will speak far louder than words.
Day 1
20 minutes at 3.2 no incline on the treadmill
flat bench chest press with the big bar( 45lbs.) 4 sets of 15 reps
flat bench dumbell flys 8 lb. dumbells 4 sets of 15 reps chest
Incline bench press with big bar( 45lb.s) 4 sets of 15 reps

Lat pulls 40lbs. 4 sets of 15 reps
seated rows 40lbs. 4 sets of 15 reps back
dumbell deadlifts 12 lb. dumbells 4 sets of 15 reps

abs 4 sets of 15 upper, lower , obliques and lower again. abs

Day 2

20 minutes on treadmill 3.2 no incline

Over head shoulder press 8 lbs. dumbells 4 sets 15 reps
side laterals 5 lb. dumbells 4 sets 15 reps
Behind the neck press with the curl bar( 25 lbs.) 4 sets 15 reps shoulders

dumbell curls 12 lb. dumbells 4 sets 15 reps
dumbell curls with curl bar(25lbs) 4 sets 15 reps
curl bar( 25 lbs.) reps 5 to the waist, 5 from the chest to the waist and last 5 complete curls 4 sets 15 reps biceps

cable v-bar tricep press downs 40lbs. 4 sets 15 rep
cable straight bar reverse grip tricep press 40 lbs. 4 sets 15 reps
flat bench brain crushers curl bar(25 lbs.) 4 sets 15 reps triceps

abs 4 sets of 15 reps lower, regular , lower and regular abs

Now having typed all that you can get an idea of what I am doing and I won't type this stuff every day. Maybe just the leg routine and that's it all. Just know that I am tryin-hard!!
I am getting my eating under control for the most part. I have to admit that I ate too many WW wheat thins yesterday but my choices are healthy. But hey.....everything is good in the beginning.
I used to love to excerise, I loved it and I never thought I would ever get away from it. Never say never.
I had a zillion excuses, some that were real and huge, some not so much. I think I got tired of struggling, adding the hard work of excerise to my burgeoning list was too much to do.

Anyway here I go. Once I lace up my shoes I'm ready . I wonder how long till I'm back and if I can come back. I'll be 56 thursday. I'm tying Aaron for myself with your help.

Whu-who I feel sore.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I did better today

Today was a much better day , back on track. I knew this evening was dinner with friends so I budgeted my food during the day so I could eat this evening. I cooked. I made zucchini( sp?),onions, garlic sauted with shrimp and mixed with WW penne pasta. Mae made a salad and Louise made a fabulous fruit salad. Andre opened to good reds. I just had a little.
I was given the greatest birthday/ Christmas present today, Muffy and Aaron and the little girls gave me a gym membership for a year. I can hardly believe my luck. I'm going back to the gym!!!!!. I'll be that fat lady in the corner with really good form.
I'm gonna train myself, I'll be the worst client I ever had. How will I make her do reverse lunges. The whole idea of stepping backward off an aerobic box gives me the chills. What if am too far into to middle age to do it again. Sometimes I just crash around with everyday walking. Ugh.....
I know on thing for sure though, I am gonna try.
Thank you to my family who I love beyond words for the sweetest gift....I'm going to the GYM!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I've got to find a way not to "polite eat"

Today a good customer came in with a giant smile and so proud of herself while she handed me my lunch. Lunch that I didn't choose but she chose for me. Very nice thought.
I was eating 1oz. of nuts and a diet soda and calling it done when I was faced with eating the Wendy's salad she had just bought.
The icky iceberg lettuce and grilled chicken breast with mandrian oranges. The lettuce was horrible and I used the dressing because I just could not eat that bitter lettuce. With great pride for the good deed she had done, she watched me eat the lunch. awhhhh so nice but I politely ate something I didn't want. I wouldn't have hurt her feelings so....I ate it. I felt horrible.
It gets better...tonight my friends wanted to eat at the Mexican rest. ( oh N0). I order a grilled shrimp salad lost my head and got gaucomole. I feel horrible. I have already dove off the wagon.
I understand I could have eaten worse but I was so proud of myself.
Hummmm so this means...your friends might sabotage you....AND know they are doing it. Interesting. Let's see if she is weak. I was *L*

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photobucket doesn't work here?

I edited the last post and figured out how to use my photobucket soooo PB does work here.

I got fresh vegetables today and some nuts. I had a 5 lap walk around my neighborhood tonight and then I had talapia and a spinach, tomatoes and satsuma salad with balsamic. I added a tiny bit of Tuscan seasoned nuts.
I am taking baby steps . Today I had a horrible headache today and I think it was sugar withdrawal . All the carbs turn to sugar so I think that was the problem. I ate a few nuts and it went away pretty much.
I can count another day that I have gone through and feel good about.

honesty time

Here it is..

The "real" Pepsi in the door is for company who won't drink sugar free. The 2 packages of ww crackers on the top shelf will go soon to my 2 dogs. Lastly the container of cornmeal...I guess I will give it to my neighbor. No need to waste, sharing is good. Oh and the container of pasta sause only gets used a tablespoon at a time.
So there , I have an echo now. I'm off later for fresh vegtables. The freezer has plenty of shrimp and fish. BTW I don't eat beef or pork or chicken , I watched the news cast about how horribly they have to live and die now I CAN'T eat it any more. I have been eatin tons of carbs instead.

Sugar free Kool-aid is so good.Yummm chemicals instead of sugar.

Well I weighed myself *L*

I have avoided the scale for a l-o-n-g while.
Last night I offically document that I weigh 200 lbs.
Two hundred jiggly puffy pounds. I might also go ahead and confess that I prefer elastic waist pants . If you choose 16W petite then you are as wide as you are tall.

I have the occasion to talk to many many women in the salon and the complaints I hear are so familiar. You really can't tell people the truth, they know the truth but avoid it. Oh my back is killing me..hummm well your belly is too big. Oh my feet are killing me...hummm your asking your regular size feet to hold up a irregular size body. I don't really eat that much.....yeah but Little Debbie snack cakes are not real food. I use the excuses myself and I KNOW better.

I am one of those folks that say things like I use to bench 135 or I used to squat 185. USE to, not now, not any more. I used to be a certified aerobics instructor, it took me 3 months to study for that test. I was so proud. But you cannot underestimate life and emotional events. They can take anything you have achieved and shake it's foundation seriously.

I think what I have learned is that you have to protect yourself from yourself. I have to understand my weaknesses. Take a hard look at myself and admit my flaws. That may take a while......
At my age you either wake up and get busy or get ready for medicine and doctor visits. I feel an urgency for clarity.

I love my nephew, he is encouraging his dizzy Aunt( me) to get real.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've got to decide on a plan

Sometimes a little knowledge is a bad thing.
I know about ten ways to approach is decision. I have traveled this road before .
Restrictive diet and massive cardio. Four sets of fifteen free weights with little to no rest between sets.
But I feel like I want to walk up to the cliff before I jump off. I was thinking that I might spend the next week or 2 walking and getting used to my diet all the while constructing my work out plan.
What do you think? I'm not avoiding the hard begining but maybe this time training myself a little smarter.
I have no wind, I need wind, so walking every evening should start to get my lungs working harder. I think I'm gonna sing along with my walk and that should conditon my lungs better, and keep the kooks away. Kooks recognize kooks and steer clear.

I am kicking that sofa loving lifestyle to the curb but I am in pitiful condition.

I am going to cut the carbs but maybe try to stay in the area of the second phase of South Beach. If this takes me two years it is ok, I don't want to call it a diet but a change of choices.

I made 3 trips around the neighborhood here and it felt so good.
I made a whole wheat pasta ( just a little) and shrimp dish for supper. As I was walking I had brief memories of how I used to be and I felt lonesome for those days. I hope what I learned about muscle memory was true.

Can a 56 year old overweight woman regain fitness? I am gonna give it a try

My nickname is Memmey. My beloved nephew named me that when he was little and it stuck.

I " used " to be an aerobic instrctor and trainer. Used to be, being the appropriate term.
About 6 years ago life shuffled my cards and I did not get a good hand , I lost my Mother, I had a auto accident and my marriage ended. Excerise and good eating habits went out the door, they were replaced with meopause, saddness, nerves and the Queen of them all ....worry.

I am making the decision to reclaim my life.....I am scared. I don't want to fail. I think I will need all the support I can get.

So today starts my journey.

Day 1. I started a blog.