Sunday, December 28, 2008

bicycles are so great.

I remember my old blue challenger bike when I was young. It didn't have foot pedal rubber just the metal bar and I had lost one grip. I rode that darn bike for miles and miles. Not for exercise but to get to my friend Penny''s house across town. I also made runs to the grocery down the road for cokes. Back then they were in returnable glass bottles so you had to be careful not to wreck. I had gotten so good at balancing a watermelon in my wire basket that I could get a melon and be back in a flash. I wasn't fat. I stopped eating when I was full.
I wonder when I broke the brain switch that told me I was full?

My sweet MaMa didn't really cook healthy foods, she just cooked whatever was popular at the time and more importantly fast. Hamburger helper, breaded fried spam and french fries. We so loved breaded fried spam, fries and catsup. Lol we weren't fat, ok maybe our arteries are clogged but we weren't fat. This makes me think that if you eat healthy food in moderation and add a modest bit of excerise to your daily routine then one should never get " fat". NOW if you have gotten "fat" and need to lose it THEN you have to work your buns off and eat lean. I am the second scenario. *L*

I have a trainer for my bike and I think I will go and set it up in the utility room and maybe get a little ride in. It is rainy and cold so inside is my best choice.
I have a question to all the bike riders. What about the sore bum you get when you start riding. Is it true that it is 18 days before it stops hurting? Why 18 if that is true. Is it 8 days of riding? I wonder what I can do to keep from getting so sore. It may just be part of the process.

Anyway tomorrow I go to the gym, I can't wait to go and work my shoulders and bi's and tri's.

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Aaron said...

Memmey, your bicycle rides home with a watermelon are legendary, I remember hearing about them before I could even ride a bike up to wag-a-bag...I remember one of my first bike rides there was to fetch some vienna sausages for me and poppa to eat for lunch...weight problems in our family??? how?!!??!??!