Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday and back on track

If I were to sit and make-up stories they would pale to my real life. Honestly.

I made myself get up and go to the gym. I had a huge headache from the dust and heat at my Dad's house. It has been closed up fro a while. I felt miserable yesterday. M_I_S_E_R_A_B_L_E

Today I dragged myself up and gave myself a pep talk and off I go to the gym and before I could get in the car I locked my keys in the car. *L*

Now to visualize this is key. I had to crawl through the dog door. So to go through is to put your arms over your head as though you are gonna dive. Then you have to wiggle and push with your feet till your upper torso is through. I'm sure it was quite a sight. Then there was the "talking to" I had to give myself to keep from panicking when I thought I was stuck . The story ended OK and I got my chest and back workout in and 25 minutes on the treadmill. So I did it, even in the face of extreme adversity, that would have thwarted a lesser mortal.

Crisis Incorporated


Aaron said...


Well, I guess you win for "best dramatic life event" for today...

Where was Johnny Danger when you needed him?

mem said...

John Danger got a new/old truck yesterday. It is an old 4 runner, perferred wheels of adventure men everywhere. Extreme living requires an extreme vehicle.
When you reach your goal you will need to ditch that dreamy BMW of yours for an edger more athletic ride like the Land Rover.