Monday, December 15, 2008

legs on Sat.

Saturday was leg day and I have felt the pressure to start do lunges again. Peer pressure, peer pressure from Aaron telling of his step-ups. Soooo I managed 4 sets of 15 reps per leg. I think if my math is correct that is 120 lunges.
In the past they were a piece of cake but now they are horrible. I could feel my heart rate rise and I had a full blown sweat going on but I hung in there and finnished them. So now they are here to stay. Every leg day I will do lunges till I feel like I am strong enough not to wobble at all and then I will add weight.
I had extreme fatique in top of my hamstring. I was dragging a--.The good news is that I wasn't really that sore. Just a little.
I really am enjoying the solitude of working out. I know that sounds silly since I am in the gym but I am working for myself and I am challenging myself and I need that time. If I am gonna keep this up then it has to be something that I feel compelled to do whether it is raining or if I have a little headache or whatever my excuse.
Today is Monday and that would be chest and back. I will let you know. BTW I was able to trot a little on the treadmill Saturday so I am hopful that my wind will return.
I don't notice any weight loss to speak of, maybe 2 or 3 pounds but I'm just getting going so it will come around I hope. I am watching my food.
Okey dokey here I go.

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Aaron said...

The Lunge Queen is back baby!