Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday---Leg Day

I can feel the old me emerging, just a little.
Today I have plans to flea market with friends and have dinner with my Saturday dinner friends. This morning I made the decision to get up and get going. I dressed for the gym and kinda reluctantly went there. I knew in my logical mind that it was what I needed to do but my lazy eat pie self wavered a little. Figures.
After a messy warm up, I got stuck on a old eliptical machine. I finally got a treadmill and added about 12 more minutes to my warm up.
The legs machines where occupied so I had to begin with leg press. I stayed there for about 6 sets and the last two were with 245 for 15 reps. Ta dah!!!!
I squatted on the last 2 sets with 55 for 15 reps . I squatted!!! I finnished with calf presses and leg curls and finally leg extensions. Usually I do leg extensions first but today it was busy so I used it last . Kinda finnshed me off that is for sure. Abs and I was out of there. I did it.

The feeling of accompishment is awesome. I don't feel pressure to keep up . It is me and my own limitations. I have to get my eating under control better but the choices I am making are not horrible compared to what they could be. I have to remember that when the holidays are over that things will be better.

I think that the excerise is the best thing I could do for myself, I know this stuff, I have head full of information that I used to bore everyone to tears with. I just have to put it back into practice. I doesn't matter that I am 56 Iwant to live to be 96.



Aaron said...

Outstanding! I love and hate leg day.

Jeff said...

I'd love to meet the person that doesn't waiver, even once a week. Ya know, I feel even better after a workout that I waivered before than one that I jumped out of bed for.

As for the head full of information -- Please share it. Bore me, please!