Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today at my salon I had the extreme pleasure to style the hair of a lady named Miss Edith, she is 100 years old. She walked right up the steps of the salon and straight into my heart. She had perfect hearing and a cute sense of humor. She wore glasses but did not need them to see while she was in my chair.
She was sweet and totally in the moment. Laughed at the apporpriate times and caught every word spoken.
I made some off handed comment about my age (56) and she instantly corrected me and told me that I was young and she wished she was 56 and that I had alot of life to live . I LOVED her and she was exactly right. She was spot on. Maybe God sent me a little message to tell me that your life is what you make it and it is never too late. Miss Edith got a perm at 100 and laughed and drank Coke Zero with me. She is my new idol, I love her. She passed on wisdom to me. I am not old! I'm not. She wished she could be my age. Can you believe?
Thank you Miss Edith I will never forget you. You are a true treasure. The real deal.
Her last words were, " I'll come here for my next perm if I am still around". Please oh please I hope I can give her the next perm.

BTW she was not over weight and solid like a little rock. She said she worked hard all her life and loved to be outside. AMEN


Aaron said...

So, not all 100 year old people are mean? Pawpaw kind of set the standard for that in my opinion...

Signing off,


(thanks Pawpaw)

mem said...

If only you had know when you were little that he was the tree that our sense of humor grew from.
I still think this is funny dot dot dot Hey Pawpaw how are you doing? Good God girl your fat. LOL He called them like he saw them LOL