Monday, December 15, 2008


Today was the most awesome workout!!! I was so exhausted from it that I laid down on the couch and fell asleep for a couple of hours .
I was able to run for 5 minutes on the treadmill at 4.0. I don't think run is the right word, trot is more like it. I don't care I did it! First we start at 5 then go to 6 then on and on.
I bumped up my weight on the bench press to 55 pounds and got all of my sets and reps in. Remember 4 sets of 15 till further notice. I tried to move everything forward by just 5 pounds. So hard to maintain form and get them done.
I am starting to feel the lifting paying off big time. My appetite is less . But having said that I have to mention that apples are so good right now. My sweet treat is frozen red grapes. Also buying whole nuts and having to crack them is a way to eat less of them. So I am having 100% whole wheat bread and pasta ( not alot) and a few nuts and a little fruit. I found Splenda sweetened fruit and I have it with some fat free cottage cheese. I guess I'm eating way lighter than I have in a while.
At dinnner on Saturday, with my Saturday dinner friends, I had spinach salad and humus . It was wonderful and I felt like I didn't stray off course. I am 56 and past my fad diet days. I'm gonna eat healthy and clean as I can. That is a plan I can live with. Slow and steady as she goes.

I am so proud of my family. We are rewriting who we are. My son is rail thin and very outdoor active and now we are all falling into line with our new lifestyle. The lttle girls will never remember the old us.... and maybe I will be able to get on the floor with my grandbabies one day. ( emil! not today)

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Daiquiri princess said...

Hey you are doing great. How awesome.
Thanks for the blog comments - yes I am fine.
I have a couple of incredible male friends that have been camping out on my living room sofa- making sure IDIOT doesnt show up here again.
Keep up the great work.