Monday, February 9, 2009

It's a new week

I thought that I would post everyday but my life is not that full so every once in a while is about all I'm good for. Sad as it sounds.
This past Saturday I had an awesome leg workout. I knew it was awesome because I had legs like Jello. If you can still walk normally then you didn't work hard enough. I have accepted the challenge to myself to do step-ups every leg day. When they get easy then I will add a riser.
I told Aaron today that I am not able to run but for 3 minutes. I can't seem to break past the three minute mark. I am walking at 4.0 to 4.3 , I can only run at 5.6 for 3 minutes. Aaron gave me a plan to start adding running time. I'm gonna get those instructions one more time( I forgot exactly how long to do what) and then I will give it a try.
Today was chest and back and my ability to add more weight and keep my form is going pretty good.
I thought I might add here that this whole process is not being driven by my want to be in a beauty pagent or wear a size 4. I simply want to cut my grass in 1 session instead of 2.

LOL Aaron here is MY list....

I want to cut my grass in 1 day instead of 2
I want to bring in my groceries in 2 trips instead of 5
I want to walk down the steps without thinking I'm gonna fall
And if I do trip, I want to be able to get up and dust myself off instead of calling an ambulance.
I want to walk my long driveway to the mailbox and not be winded.
I want to pull weeds and rake and plant and still be able to walk into the house and not collaspe on the couch.
But mostly I want to just dream to feel like I did before the wreck when I was strong and fit and took my good health for granted.

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