Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today I needed to get my legs done because I will be out of town Saturday. I am going to meet friends in New Orleans for an overnight visit and junking at the flea markets. I can't wait to see them.
The thought of missing a workout worries me and today I still didn't really feel like myself. I discovered why yesterday. It is the green squiggles off the live oaks. Spring is so close and the trees are about to set their leaves. It's allergy time in other words. That explains the maliase I have been feeling.
I thought I was losing my desire to get this done and that is not it at all. Thank goodness!
Today I got in my 2 miles on the treadmill and then the almighty step ups, which by the way are getting a teeny bit easier. Leg press, calves, hamstrings and then leg extensions. Always abs every workout. So now I can enjoy my visit with friends and be back right on schedule on Monday.
So I'm on my way to N.O. tommorrow and the junk stores await!!!!!

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Aaron said...

I want to hear how your New Orleans trip went. You gals have a good time?