Sunday, February 1, 2009

I read Aaron's blog entries and I know I have to keep my momentum up.

Brandon is taking him to the next level, once he breaks through this we won't remember him as the big guy much longer.

I find that the emotional things are the hardest not the excercise. You have to focus and your social circle has to adjust to the difference in you because of this. It is best to surround your self with supportive people, that is where my family comes in. With out them I am not so good. I guess I would say that in just my everyday life....with out my family I am not so good.

It's funny but my family "gets" me. I don't have to apologize amd explain myself to them. They know my heart.

We are a family of teasers, we love the off handed comment. If we can tease you we like you.

Saturday was legs for me again and I added the famous step-ups. Aaron is right they are the nastiest things to do. I don't ever see anyone else doing those when I am at the gym. I guess I have decending sets to do shortly.

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Aaron said...

Hey Mem...I never see anyone doing STEP UPS either...I saw them on the Biggest Loser a few times, but that is it...

I am shrinking...slowly...want to lose sure...