Monday, February 2, 2009

Tuesday? It must be chest and back.
I had a good walk on the treadmill . The chest press bench was busy so I decided to use dumbells on the flat bench for my chest press. I managed the last 2 sets of 15 reps with 25 pound dumbells. I wasn't easy but I got it done. Always moving forward and never backward. So now the last 2 sets will always be with 25's. Using dumbells makes you use assistor muscles to help stabilize the weight and it is a better work out in some peoples opinion. You lose that on machines. The machine stabilizes the weight.
I'm 2 months into this and I have 10 months to go before I can really tell a difference. I need to get a photo of my flabby self on here so I will have a reference when the year is up. Do I have the nerve to do that???awhh you don't know me anyway so who cares. Afterall it is what I really look like, it's not like I am walking around in a flab suit I AM the flab suit. As my Sister would say that is why there are goats AND sheep.

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