Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been neglecting my blog

I an thankful that all the holidays are gone and I am ready to tighten my schedule and get busy. I still have to drag myself somedays because I am a person who likes routine . I have lot in common with the gerbil in the wheel.
I NEED to know what days are gonna be workout days . So far I have monday and tuesday and then I work all week and then I have saturday. It is not a good plan. I would love to work out then do cardio in between, like the every other day thing.
Aaron, running at 4:30 is something that I wish I could program myself to do. Workout early.
Then you have the whole day ahead of you and maybe do some cardio at night.That is what I used to do years ago.
I swear getting up to do that is dedication. I'm not there yet.
Yesterday I had an awesome leg workout! Today I am a cripple. You know you have worked-out hard when you can't walk the next day. I had gotten out of of the crumby little routine I had and now I am paying the price. PAIN
Also I went for a stroll with my sister this weekend and stepped into a hole and fell down. OUCH! I have a little weakness/pain in my forearm. I used the Superman landing postion to fall. *L*
Today is heavy rain and I want to just hang around in the house and read but I WILL get up from here and get busy. I have shoulders and bi's and tri's today.
I can't wait to watch the biggest loser this season. The folks are really challenged and I hope to watch some lives changed forever.
Could I get some of you out there in blog land to call and wake me up to excerise in the morning???? I know, I know it is my job to motivate myself to do that.
Even if you know what to do to get yourself in shape it is your brain you have to train. UGGHHH

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Aaron said...

I have to say this is probably my favorite post yet on your blog...so much honesty, humor, humiliation...the three H's...

Seriously, I am glad the foxhole didn't send you to the hospital...