Monday, January 26, 2009

When your old you are invisible

I have been login my miles each work out and maybe AAron will help me get them onto my blog one day. Not that he is busy working and has tons of time to assist me.

Saturday I had an interesting experience.... I had run/walked my 2 or so miles and then I warmed my knees up at the leg extension machine 4 sets/125 reps at 70 lbs.. I managed the dreaded step- ups and then it was time to do squats. I asked the guy if that was the machine at the moment, it had 3 45's on each side of the smith machine. He said no it was a guy in the other room. Other room being the interesting thought. I went into " the other room" and asked if he was finnished. Reply.....a slow Noooo and then silence. Hummm ok, I went back into the weight room. Wait a minute!
So back into the other room and well how many sets do have to go? A slow sarcastic...100 sets. Ok man, I used to work and personal train at the health club and although you see this middle aged over weight lady in front of your 18 year old self you have surely misjudged me. So he says how many sets are you doing? 4 Sets/15 . Dead quiet....then he says I'm resting. WHAT!!!!
I gave him the old I'm your MaMa look with my hand on my hip and he came and unracked the weight and I did my squats and after that he gave me a scowl everytime I passed him. I don't know who trained him and from the look of his form no one, but you don't rack a machine and leave it and go into another room and expect that no one will use it till YOU decide your through. If I had been a guy he wouldn't have done that. I could hear my trainer from years ago in my head saying don't let that jerk do that , you have a right to the machines whoever you are.
I was so agravated that my last set was 115 lbs for 8 reps. Ha Hahhhh

He may not look at me with a smile when he sees me from now on but he will know that I intend to work out after him, with him or through him and his opinion of me doesn't matter two hoots in hell to me.
Your invisible in the gym when your older, BUT you can't let that stop you. It is not about what people see you as but what you see your self as. Me? I'm on a mission .

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Aaron said...

Memmey, I will help you get the Nike+ stats on your blog. Let me call you one night when I am home and the girls are in bed.

That story from the gym is what people who avoid the gym think will happen, so I am really proud of you for not letting some dipstick intimidate you.

You're doing great, and I know you are feeling better. Keep it up.

Have you ever had a spring roll? I hear they are good...