Monday, January 12, 2009

Good morning,
Yesterday I took my guilt ridden self to the grocery for "safe" food. I wandered around thinking of things that I could eat. I took Susies advice and bought some Boca soy meat things. I looked for fiber. I swear after all the fiber I have been consuming I could surely eat a sink scrubber and it would not upset my bowels.
I would say that it was a gradual process and maybe I should add here DO NOT eat 2 Fiber One bars at one sitting. DO NOT. ( iI you do then let it be said, I told you so. lol)

I was thinking this morning about my idea to get up early and go to the gym and I have this reoccuring thought that turns me off about it. I was thinking about that this morning. I used to teach an aerobics class at 5:30 a.m. for about a year and I hated to get up in the winter for that class.
I would have about 3 or 4 people straggle in sleepy eyed, freezing and I would crank up the music and we would step. I hated that class, NOT the people but the hour and the cold.

I think I will stay at a later time till spring or MAYBE try just one day early and see if it kills me. If that doesn't then the whining I have been doing lately will.

It is finally getting cold here and the cold bug is around. I noticed the gym has hand santizer at each treadmill and a spray for the equipment. Good idea. We used to use this spray that you use in funeral homes that disenfects. Jason would spray his way out of the door and leave it all weekend. Pretty powerful stuff. I don't remember the flu spreading through the gym . It worked well.

Today I will try once again to use my Nike+ correctly. I was on the treadmill for 2 miles last workout and I didn't press end workout and I continued on to the weights and it showed I walked a 27 minute mile..LOL . I be back with the workout info this evening.

I have to get REAL. Time is passing and I need have been squandering my workout. Wish me luck. LOL


Susie said...

Good luck! :) And yes, it is getting really cold! We're expecting temps in the mid to high 20's this week. Pretty unusual for north Florida. Stay warm!

Jeff said...

I love, love, love the early morning classes. No better way to start the day. I think it's a lot tougher to go off the plan when you've already done the big calorie burn than when you haven't. Just my opinion!