Monday, January 26, 2009

Today was an awesome workout

Today I got to the gym after 12. I had an awesome run/walk and I felt pretty good about the increase in speed I was able to walk. I am trying to best myself everytime . When I get a mile in the 12 minute range I will be so proud. I'm trying.

Today I felt good and rested. My food has been really healthy and I feel my strength improving. I am not weighing, I don't really care. I weighed at first and the scale didn't move and I felt bad but the last week I made the decision to just go for the endurance and strength not the weight.
I am so surprized at the gains I am making. I realize now that I had over trained for years. Really over trained. This is gonna be do-able.

I have to tell this story and offer myself up as comic relief. My Saturday dinner friends and I went to a Noodle house for dinner. I was looking forward to the raw spring rolls ( Aaron is so tired of hearing the words spring rolls, it's all I talk about ) and the phou soup. They brought out the most gorgeous bowl of soup. It was clear broth and hand made rice noodles with butter lettuce. bean sprouts etc. just wonderful my ignorance I put a WHOLE teaspoon full of Thai pepper condiment into my beautiful soup. I at that point turned my soup into a cauldron of hot lava from the deeps of Hell. So as not to have to send it back because of my mistake I tried my best to eat it. It was almost scarey. I wondered if I was ruining my throat not to mention the the other end of the food trail the next day.

My friends suggested ice cream for dessert to calm the fire and I agreed but I felt so stupid and depressed at my choices that night. We walked down the side walk to the ice cream parlor( how convienent) and I didn't even look at the ice cream I just ordered my old favorite Nutty Coconut. They were out and offered me coconut and pineapple. OK whatever, I'd ruined my soup at dinner and now I'm putting the flames out with ice cream. I was eating it and feeling so bad, I noticed it tasted good but different. I finnished it and as we were leaving I grabbed a menu, found my glasses and discovered it was sugar-free low fat, 90 calories a scoop. I could not believe my good fortune. I can laugh about it now and see how a good evening can go wrong fast.

Everyone had read their fortune cookie but me that night and I kept mine in my pocket. This is why I felt so horrible thinking I was eating ice cream ....... My cookie said, "Your present plans are going to succeed if you stick to them"

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