Monday, January 19, 2009

Working working working

Today was a little milestone for me. I have been lazy in posting my progress and I apologize. Who wants to read a blog with no new entries, sorry.
I have said before that excerise to me is a very personal thing. It is time that I have had to carve out of my work schedule when and where I can. I am the sort that needs structure but I am trying to be more flexible in order to get it done.
I am going to the gym on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday morning. The rest of the week I am in the salon and doing my home chores.
This past Saturday I had a terrific leg day and I actually added the dreaded step-ups that Aaron talks about. Really they are horrible in a good way. They are horrible, forget the good way business.
. I started Saturday with a 2 mile walk/run on the treadmill.
Leg extensions 4 sets of 15 at 70 lbs.
Smith machine squats 4sets/15 reps the last two at 95 lbs.
leg press 4 sets/15 reps 225 for 3 sets and the last set 275
*L* step-ups 7 aerobic risers tall on each side and 3 sets 15 reps ....ughhhhhhh
Calf raises on the leg press 6 sets/15 reps 3 foot positions 135 lbs
hamstring curls 4 sets/15 reps tired couldn't do more weight
abs 4 sets/15 reps 4 postions

I had jello legs going home BUT no soreness the next day, that was huge!

Today was chest and back
2miles on the treadmill. My personal best today 13.09 mile
flat bench press 5 sets ascending weight last set was 12 reps with 85 lbs.
flat bench dumbbell flies 4 sets/15 reps with 12 lb. dumbells
incline bench press 1st set 50 lbs. 15 reps, 2nd set 55 lbs 12 reps and the last two with 55 and I only managed 6 reps on each set. ( I used all my strength on the flat bench press.)

Lat pulls 4 sets /15 reps ascending from 60 to 90 lbs.
seated row ascending from70 to 100lbs. 4 sets /15 reps
cable lat stretches with rope 50 lbs. 4 sets/15 reps
abs 5 sets/ 15 reps different postions

Soooo that is all so far this week. I have been working out on this same day schedule but I have been lax to post.. Lax= lazy. I will do better.
Seems to be a theme here ,me always pledging to do better. Who am I pledging this to????
The Universe I guess.

From January 12 till today the 19th I have logged walk/run on the treadmill 13.30 miles.

I think I am gonna be able to do this. I believe that fitness is possible at 56. It is not brain surgery. You have to do the hard work and the most important thing of all and with out this your doomed.....You have to want it with all your heart.

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