Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Don't let me make appointments for you. I thought yesterday was Tuesday.
I got off schedule this morning and I thought about not going to the gym till tommorrow . Nah I made myself go. I walked outside for my 2 miles. It was glorious. The sun was shining and it was in the 60's. There is a track at the health club.
When I went inside to workout on the weights I found that I was the only one there whu who!!!! It was peaceful and I got a good workout even after I drug my feet about going. I worked my triceps hard but it felt good.
Tonight the cold is coming back but I have done all my body parts already so I just need to add some more cardio.
Little tiny steps that will add up in the long run. My strength is returning after 6 years of being absent. I can hardly believe it. Even at this age (56) I am gonna be stronger than I was at 45.
I believe/know it is in the recovery. You have to recover to gain. I am proof of muscle memory and the benefits of recovery time.I have been going to the gym since Nov. 20 and I am able to lift 4 sets of 15 with 15 lb. dumbells. Muscle memory.

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Daiquiri princess said...

Mem- thanks for the encouragement. Awesome job on the work out.

I kept thinking was Thursday- must be the chemicals in the water...lol