Thursday, November 20, 2008

*L* leg day

Leg day, the term for the day you work your legs .Leg day, legs, doing my legs day or day of pain.
Every excerise I do for the next year will be 15 reps so from this post forth if I say set I mean 15 reps. Okey dokey?
21 minutes on the treadmill at 3.3 ( I got off to the the tv changer so I added a minute)
4 sets 60lbs. leg extensions
4 sets smith squats no plates
4 sets leg press 135 lbs.
4 sets multi postion calf presses using leg press sled
4 sets hamstring curls 33 lbs. (the machine has a conversion chart on it???)
That's all and tomorrow I will not be able to walk. Oh and abs at home 4 sets of 15

Today was my birthday and I had a wonderful day and workout. My son finally called and wished me a happy birthday . NOW everything perfect, except for the stray cat that showed up . It killed a snake and ate it! I saw it with me own eyes, fur real. I live in a cat free zone administered by Miss Runt aka chickapee. She and Cheb may tag team it and it won't be nice. WHY would someone drop a sweet hungry cat off at a house that has a sign on the gate that says"beware of dogs" What a world, what a world.

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Aaron said...

I love legs day! I also dread it because it is hard work...

Glad you had a great birthday.