Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today I worked in the morning and I had planned to go to the gym after lunch. The time came and I dragged my feet. I had eaten some BaBa ghanoush and then a bowl of cottage cheese and pineapple. I know that is a weird combo but it was what I wanted .
I had every excuse not to go. Ummm I had eaten only a hour and half before, ummm I felt too tired, umm I could go tommorrow. I gave myself a pep talk and got my shoes on and I did it. It was same workout as the last leg day but I upped my walking time and the weight on my sets.
Now I feel tired but so good that it is over and I feel good about going.
Legs are never fun at first. I know when my quads are in shape I will feel light years better and stronger. Your back and Quads are your biggest muscles.
Again I barely made it out of there before the young folks piled in. Tons of twenty somethings with horrible form but lots of strength and energy. You know the ole look around the room to see if anyone is watching you sling the heavy dumbells around.
I got out with my workout done and left it to them. Bless their hearts. At least they are there and not doing something bad for them. Legs are over Yea!!!!!


Aaron said...

Leg Day is the hardest day in the gym! Did you walk before doing weights? If so, how did you do on the weight? Less? The same?

You are dragging yourself there! I love it!!!

Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

Mem-- You are doing so well! I know it's better to eat what you want than have something that you really don't---then go back and eat what you wanted in the first place.

You are certainly putting us "50'ers" to shame---you go girl!

Anonymous said...