Saturday, November 15, 2008

I did better today

Today was a much better day , back on track. I knew this evening was dinner with friends so I budgeted my food during the day so I could eat this evening. I cooked. I made zucchini( sp?),onions, garlic sauted with shrimp and mixed with WW penne pasta. Mae made a salad and Louise made a fabulous fruit salad. Andre opened to good reds. I just had a little.
I was given the greatest birthday/ Christmas present today, Muffy and Aaron and the little girls gave me a gym membership for a year. I can hardly believe my luck. I'm going back to the gym!!!!!. I'll be that fat lady in the corner with really good form.
I'm gonna train myself, I'll be the worst client I ever had. How will I make her do reverse lunges. The whole idea of stepping backward off an aerobic box gives me the chills. What if am too far into to middle age to do it again. Sometimes I just crash around with everyday walking. Ugh.....
I know on thing for sure though, I am gonna try.
Thank you to my family who I love beyond words for the sweetest gift....I'm going to the GYM!!!!!!!!!


Aaron said...

Alright, are you starting tomorrow? I can't wait to hear how you feel! We can have a "lunge off" -- new realm of competition for our family.

BTW, Emil is disqualified for being OVERQUALIFIED.

Jeff said...

What a great gift!