Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday workout

Today was shoulders ,biceps and triceps. I got out of there in the nick of time. The young guys started showing up around 4. Droves of them. Note to self, never be in the gym past 4 .
A middle age woman will have a machine/bench taken away from her after 4.
The invisiblity of middle age women in the gym will be heightened after 4. BUT by golly I am not beyond asking them to let me work in. I learned that years ago. You have to hold your ground or you will give up and leave.
I had a good workout today but I notice that my left arm and shoulder is weaker. That is normal but scarey when it decides it is done.

25 minutes at 3.4 on treadmill

shoulder presses 4 sets 10 lbs.,12lbs., last 2 sets 15 lbs.
side laterals 4 sets 8lbs
behind the neck press 25 lbs.

alternate dumbbell curls 4 sets 10 lbs.
curl bar plus 5 lbs. 4 sets
preacher bench curl bar plus 5 lbs. 4 sets

triceps press downs 50 lbs. 4 sets
tricep machine 10lbs,20 lbs 4 sets
lying triceps crossovers 8 lbs. 4 sets

Abs 4 sets DONE


Daiquiri princess said...

Thanks - Good luck on Thursday- its going to be a challenge for all of us

Aaron said...

Way to stick in there...those young guys will be flocking to you for advice...

You are doing great and I am very proud of you!

Muffy said...

Wow, you have very intense workouts. I myself went to a BodyPump class today. Awesome. Tomorrow is yoga.

I just laugh to myself at the little boys flexing in the mirror. I haven't had to compete for equipment with them, though. I stay on the girly machines.