Friday, November 14, 2008

I've got to find a way not to "polite eat"

Today a good customer came in with a giant smile and so proud of herself while she handed me my lunch. Lunch that I didn't choose but she chose for me. Very nice thought.
I was eating 1oz. of nuts and a diet soda and calling it done when I was faced with eating the Wendy's salad she had just bought.
The icky iceberg lettuce and grilled chicken breast with mandrian oranges. The lettuce was horrible and I used the dressing because I just could not eat that bitter lettuce. With great pride for the good deed she had done, she watched me eat the lunch. awhhhh so nice but I politely ate something I didn't want. I wouldn't have hurt her feelings so....I ate it. I felt horrible.
It gets better...tonight my friends wanted to eat at the Mexican rest. ( oh N0). I order a grilled shrimp salad lost my head and got gaucomole. I feel horrible. I have already dove off the wagon.
I understand I could have eaten worse but I was so proud of myself.
Hummmm so this means...your friends might sabotage you....AND know they are doing it. Interesting. Let's see if she is weak. I was *L*


Muffy said...

Memmey, guacamole is good for you! At least on South Beach. Don't panic.

Does your customer know that you're starting a diet? Not that I advocate lying, but... maybe next time tell your customer that you already had lunch, you're very full, you're trying to lose weight, you don't want to overeat, the salad will keep fine for later, and it will make the perfect dinner. It's OK to stand up for yourself sometimes. :)

Aaron said...

So, you know what this is like, don't get down on wasn't a burger or fries or a burrito...those all would be worse.

Muffy is right about the guacamole...just don't do like I used to do and try to finish a container by halftime of the LSU game...

Sometimes people don't know that the things they think are helping are not what we need.

This is a small bump in the road. If you weren't working on your eating already, you would have ordered a lot worse and not felt bad about it.

One last thought, save some of the Lewing guilt for the holidays, you don't want to run out too soon...


Jeff said...

Treat this as a learning experience.

Things like dressings can be killer. I keep bottles of my favorite (Maple Grove Farms FF Balsamic Vinagarette) everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE! Home, work, my folks house.

Guacamole is good but in small quantites. Substitute with salsa

This is just a small test and it won't be the last. Don't let it distract you from you're ultimate goals.