Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've got to decide on a plan

Sometimes a little knowledge is a bad thing.
I know about ten ways to approach is decision. I have traveled this road before .
Restrictive diet and massive cardio. Four sets of fifteen free weights with little to no rest between sets.
But I feel like I want to walk up to the cliff before I jump off. I was thinking that I might spend the next week or 2 walking and getting used to my diet all the while constructing my work out plan.
What do you think? I'm not avoiding the hard begining but maybe this time training myself a little smarter.
I have no wind, I need wind, so walking every evening should start to get my lungs working harder. I think I'm gonna sing along with my walk and that should conditon my lungs better, and keep the kooks away. Kooks recognize kooks and steer clear.

I am kicking that sofa loving lifestyle to the curb but I am in pitiful condition.

I am going to cut the carbs but maybe try to stay in the area of the second phase of South Beach. If this takes me two years it is ok, I don't want to call it a diet but a change of choices.

I made 3 trips around the neighborhood here and it felt so good.
I made a whole wheat pasta ( just a little) and shrimp dish for supper. As I was walking I had brief memories of how I used to be and I felt lonesome for those days. I hope what I learned about muscle memory was true.

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Aaron said...

Mem, sounds like a reasonable start to your change of lifestyle. Now, I am really good at giving advice, and not so good at taking (sound familiar?) -- but your plan sounds well thought out and really at this point, any change is a positive change.

You'll be back in the gym doing squats and loving/hating it in no time.

What are you singing while walking? Italian Arias? I'd like to hear that...